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“eNutrition 101”

What do Students say about TwoOldGuys™ eNutrition 101?
The following quotes were taken from student feedback solicited for assessment of the effectiveness of the course design:

• When I first started this course, I loathed you and everyone around. I swore … that I would never take another online course again. Well as my Grandmother used to say it is time for me to ‘eat crow.’ Once I was able to navigate around the course schedule (as I was to independent and stubborn to consider bothering the professor) however once I did, as you were ‘here’ for us, things went much smoother. … once I understood, the stars were in alignment and I was able to write with feverish fluidity and have enjoyed every minute of doing so. I believe I retained most of the information because of the constant redundancy of it all, … Your methods are the key to my success. (Smile.). And, although, I would never presume to tell a professor of your stature what could be improved, I would have very much liked to have read your lecture for nutrition supplements that are given via tube feedings either IV or other non-gastrointestinal route … as you would have explained this in great detail and with no doubt complete understanding. Thank you for preparing me for my next nursing class, I would not have done it any other way and would recommend you and this course highly to anyone.
    • I think future students will really like this course.
    • I also enjoyed reading your lectures, and the subtle humor they possessed. Thank You!
    • …the notes were understandable … and specific on what you wanted us to know.
    • I enjoyed and learned from most of the content and those which I felt were a bit obscure … actually has found it’s way into many a conversation with others in my profession and outside! I guess that means, I did learn from it in the long run.
    • I feel like I am walking away with some valuable information that will help me as a nurse.
    • In fact, I seemed to have mastered a lot of the information, making me feel like I am knowledgeable enough to continue my education towards a nursing degree. I benefited, as well as my future patients.
    • Honestly I enjoyed the course very much. By forcing us to write papers over the notes you gave us, I feel that I have retained more information in this class than any other of my classes.
    • … and instead of making us regurgitate the information, you were unique in your quizzes, and helped us to use the information we have learned.
    • …how clear the instructions were for writing your essays. It gave you clear cut, exactly what was expected for all of the essays.
    • I also enjoyed all of the quizzes [which] were set up in a very unique way to make us think through things. They were also all related to the medical field. This is the field which I have chosen to go into, so these quizzes will help me out in my future career.
    • However, even though I thought doing essays was going to make the class much harder, I think I learned a lot by having the assignments this way. I had to look more for my answers and put a little more thought in to it than I have with other online courses and I think it helped me to remember what the information I needed to learn. I had no problem remembering topics from nutrition when it came up in my nursing classes.
    • This course is time consuming but in a good way. I really liked this course and I hope that I have more courses like this one. It was not too easy, but it was not too hard either. Thank you for being a really good instructor.
    • The immediate feedback after the first submission was the key in putting me at ease that I could proceed with the essays to follow.
    • The feedback was another important aspect of this class. When I had questions, your response was very expedient via email and really provided a lot of help to me on some of the essays in which I had questions.
    • Rarely do you find a professor/instructor who keeps you well-informed of your grades and provides you with a current and up-to-date grade after each assignment. This was very valuable to me and something that I really appreciated and thought was above and beyond how classes normally operate.

They can't all be positive, can they?
    • The course was great the material was great but online courses are not for me. Like I said before this was my first and last online course I plan to take. I guess I just like to be able to sit down and ask a question person to person and not thru e-mail. I guess that’s a little old fashion but it seem to work better for me.
    • However, as an independent study course I don’t agree with being marked off a percentage if the assignments are done late. I should be be able to complete the assignments on my own time as long as everything is turned in by the end of the semester.

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