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BI-114 BioConcepts for Teachers
Appendix B. Laboratory Exercises
L-n. Lab Exercise n


intended for grade _ (to _)


  1. State the question.
  2. State answer, and explain why you think it to be true. [optional] you may also provide any appropriate library research or other background information (such as, your own previous observations which support your hypothesis).
  3. state an alternate hypothesis, for control group.
  4. State what observable event is expected to occur because the hypothesis is true.

    The introduction should be able to stand alone as a formal essay.

    Materials and Methods

    Written just like a recipe, in sufficient detail that anyone should be able to duplicate your experiment.


    Depending on the age of your students, this may include descriptions, drawings, numbers and graphs, ...


    [optional] you may discuss how this changes our concept of how the Universe works? This section could also stand alone as a formal essay as can the introduction.

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