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BI-114 BioConcepts for Teachers
Appendix B. Laboratory Exercises
L-1. Lab Exercise 1

Grasshopper Food

intended for grade 2 to 5


  1. What do grasshoppers eat?
  2. I think grasshoppers probably eat grass, because that is what they are called.
  3. They may eat weeds (or vegetables), because there are more grasshoppers in the weeds than in the grass.
  4. If the hypothesis is true, the grasshopper will eat grass rather than weeds.

For an actual classroom experiment, you would engage the students in guessing what grasshoppers might eat. You need at least two choices.

Materials and Methods

Again, in an actual classroom setting, you want the students to come up with suggestions for how to run the experiment. You may need to guide them more in the procedure than you did for the hypothesis.



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