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BI-114 BioConcepts for Teachers
Appendix B. Laboratory Exercises
L-2. Lab Exercise 2

Seed Germination

intended for grade 5 (to 8)


  1. Do peeled seeds grow better than unpeeled seeds?
  2. The peeled seeds will begin growing sooner than the unpeeled seeds.
    I have been told by gardeners that seeds germinate better if you scratch the seed coat before you plant the seeds.
  3. (no entry)
  4. If the hypothesis is true, then the peeled seeds will emerge as seedlings first, and the unpeeled seeds will appear as seedlings later.

Materials and Methods

Written just like a recipe, in sufficient detail that anyone should be able to duplicate your experiment.


Depending on the age of your students, this may include descriptions, drawings, numbers and graphs, ...


This experiment could be exhibited at a Science Fair with an appropriate poster. The one I saw exhibited at a Fair where my [I was the 'coach'] team of High School students were Judges, the project won a Blue [2nd place] Ribbon.

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