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BI-114 BioConcepts for Teachers
Appendix B. Laboratory Exercises
L-5. Lab Exercise 5

Can Plants Reproduce by Breaking Apart?

intended for grade 3 (to 6)


  1. Question: Will broken branches of a plant grow in new plants?
  2. Hypothesis: parts broken off a plant can grow into new plants,
    I have observed willow trees on new sandbars created by floods on a river. These willow trees appear to be too old to have grown from seed after the flood.
  3. alternate hypothesis: parts broken off a plant should die.
  4. State what observable event is expected to occur because the hypothesis is true:
    a branch cut off a willow tree, and 'planted' in water will become new plants.

Materials and Methods

Written just like a recipe, in sufficient detail that anyone should be able to duplicate your experiment.


Depending on the age of your students, this may include descriptions, drawings, numbers and graphs, ...


[optional] you may discuss how this changes our concept of how the Universe works? This section could also stand alone as a formal essay as can the introduction.
You nay wish to compare branches in water to branches in water with Rootone™ added per instructions on the Rootone™ bottle.

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