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BI-114 BioConcepts for Teachers
Appendix B. Laboratory Exercises
Introduction to the Lab

General Characteristics of Laboratory Science

In the lab Science is, or should be, "hands-on" or discovery method!

__ - (we spell guess "h y p o t h e s i s")
___ - a hypothesis should:
____ a) predict some observable event which will occur if conditions are met
____ b) but event will not occur if conditions are not met.


deductive reasoning - Sherlock Holmes.
inductive reasoning - if A and B then C

Willingness to abandon theories, given new facts or better theories

Experimental verification of theories

Communication of results

The Laboratory Report


Materials and Methods

Written just like a recipe, in sufficient detail that anyone should be able to duplicate your experiment.

__ - experimental group where conditions are met
__ - control group where conditions are not met



[optional] how does this change our concept of how the Universe works?

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