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BI-114 BioConcepts for Teachers
1. Introduction
1.3. the Species Concept & Phylogeny

based on Indiana's Academic Standards, Science,
as adopted by the Indiana State Board of Education, Nov 2000.

numbers refer to the age-appropriate grade-level for the content.

Kingdom definitions

grade 8: to college:

Species definition

grade K: to 3:

Encourage students to select two clearly dissimilar types (species) of animals

such as cat, dog, parrot, goldfish...

grade 3: to 6:

Recognize that litters are more like parents than like different types (species)

grade 6: to 8:

Different types of animals (and plants) are classified as different species

grade secondary: to college:

The species is defined as all populations of

Population definition

grade 4: to 5:

In nature, there will be more than one individual of each type in a given area

grade 6: to 8:

Wild animals occur as groups (populations) of individuals within a given area

grade secondary: to college:

The population is defined as all individuals of

The Individual and the Cell

grades 8: to college:


grades 6: to college:

taxa (singular: taxon), or classification units from smallest to largest are

grades secondary: to college:


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