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BI-122 Biology
Cell Life Cycle


The Cell Life Cycle
G-1 DNA transcription
S-1 DNA replication
cell shut down
G-2 DNA transcription
division mitosis
Meiosis, observable events
Interphase normal
Prophase 1 chromosomes appear
Metaphase 1 chromosome pairs on equator
Anaphase 1 chromosome pairs separate
chromosomes move
Telophase 1 nuclei reform
sometimes absent
Interphase normally brief
sometimes absent
Prophase 2 chromosomes reappear
sometimes absent
Metaphase 2 chromosomes on equator
Anaphase 2 chromosomes separate
chromosomes move
Telophase 2 nuclei reform
Interphase normal
Cytokinesis 4 meiospores produced

Meiosis, summary
phase chromosomes chromatids cells
Interphase n pairs paired 1
Prophase 1 n pairs paired 1
Metaphase 1 n pairs paired 1
Anaphase 1 n paired 2
Telophase 1 n paired 2
Interphase n paired 2
Prophase 2 n paired 2
Metaphase 2 n paired 2
Anaphase 2 n unpaired 4
Telophase 2 n unpaired 4
Interphase n unpaired 4
Cytokinesis n unpaired 4

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