eNutrition 101
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Nutrition for Liberal Arts Students, independent study

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This course is designed as a Liberal Arts Community College Introduction to Nutrition for students in the the general studies program, with a parallel track [Nutrition 201] for Nursing (and Allied Health). It is not a “traditional” on-line course; but an independent study course delivered on-line.
To obtain transferable college credit [3 credit hours] for this course, ask your college to consider offering this course.

“recommended” text:
  Judith E. Brown. 2008. Nutrition Now, 5th ed. with Diet Analysis+ CD-ROM (ISBN 0-495-42369-6) ©Thompson Learning, Inc.
“suggested” reading:
  Michael F. Rozen, MD & Mehmet C. Oz, MD, 2005. You, the Owner's Manual. HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.
  Michael F. Rozen, MD & Mehmet C. Oz, MD, 2006. You, on a Diet: the owner's manual for waist management. FREE PRESS, Simon & Schuster, Inc.
  Michael F. Rozen, MD & Mehmet C. Oz, MD, 2007. You, Staying Young: the owner's manual for extending your warranty. FREE PRESS, Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Click on the “Lecture” topic to read the lecture; then click on the “Quiz” to see the quiz question as a webpage.

Reading assignments refer to the recommended text.
∗Hyperlinks marked with an asterisk are not currently active.
†Hyperlinks marked with a dagger have been revised during the semester.
√Hyperlinks marked with a checkmark are scheduled for revision.
Liberal Arts reading
Lecture quiz
mm/dd/yy Introduction: course
Introduction: content
none unit 1
mm/dd/yy Overview: Diet & Food
Overview: Wellness
quiz 1 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 5
unit 4
mm/dd/yy Anatomy &
quiz 2 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 7
mm/dd/yy Energy quiz 3 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 8
mm/dd/yy Carbohydrates quiz 4 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 12
mm/dd/yy Lipids quiz 5 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 18
mm/dd/yy Protein quiz 6 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 15
mm/dd/yy vitamins quiz 7 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 20
mm/dd/yy Phytochemicals quiz 8 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 21
mm/dd/yy minerals quiz 9 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 23
mm/dd/yy Water quiz 10 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 25
mm/dd/yy Body Weight quiz 11 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 9
mm/dd/yy Weight management 1 quiz 12 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 10
mm/dd/yy Weight management 2 quiz 13 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 27
mm/dd/yy Fitness & sports quiz 14 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 28
mm/dd/yy Eating Disorders quiz 15 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 11
mm/dd/yy Alcohol quiz 16 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 14
mm/dd/yy Vegetarian quiz 17 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 16
mm/dd/yy Food safety quiz 18 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 32
mm/dd/yy Additives quiz 19 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
mm/dd/yy Allergies quiz 20 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 17
mm/dd/yy Food Labels quiz 21 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 4
mm/dd/yy Diabetes quiz 22 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 13
mm/dd/yy Heart health quiz 23 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 19
mm/dd/yy Cancer quiz 24 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 22
mm/dd/yy Pregnancy
& new-born
quiz 25 - due:
[day, mm/dd/yy]
unit 3
mm/dd/yy Youth
& Adolescence
time for
work on final
unit 29
mm/dd/yy Adulthood
& Geezers
time for
work on final
unit 30
mm/dd/yy Final Test due:
[Tue, mm/dd/yy]
Lecture quiz reading
Liberal Arts

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