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Quiz 3


Essay questions.

  1. Fats dripping onto the coals at a barbeque flare up, shooting flames from the grill. Carbs toasting over a bonfire may burst in flame and burn. Protein dropped onto the coals of a barbeque do not produce flame [but do smoke a lot]. Does this mean that protein stores less energy than carbs, which store less than fats? Or does it illustrate something else, and if so, what? [hint: a quick glance in your text at table 8.5 (pg. 8-6) shows that the answer to the first question is “no,” so you can guess (or hypothesize) that the question wants to know why protein does not burn as easily as carbohydrates which do not burn as easily as fats; this is an example of the critical thinking required to find a simpler question in what seems to be a difficult question. Now, reread the seemingly irrelevant, and definitely long-winded, story about the fire in the fireplace to find the answer to our ‘simpler’ question.]



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