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If Ecosystems Really Were Fragile

by Charles LaFrance

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While watching the Science Channel (one of the Discovery Communications, LLC channels) one day, I started imagining how they might apply their “question everything” concept to some of the most familiar Environmental issues of today, such as the effects of Global Climate Change on Fragile Ecosystems. These are two separate, but closely related issues: Fragile Ecosystems and Global Climate Change. It occurred to me that someone should write a companion book for a series on these important issues, and that the “someone” could be me. So I wrote this book. My intent is to explain Environmental concepts in a language that can be understood by the fans of the Science Channel, Scientific American, and other popularized science writing. I must warn you. An editor once told me that I write science as if it were a murder mystery. He did not intend the comment as a compliment. I took it as a compliment because, frankly, I find a well crafted murder mystery to be far better reading than most science books.

If Ecosystems Really Were Fragile
Table of Contents.
Introduction. The Fragile Ecosystem Concept.
1. Another Version of the Ecosystem Concept.
2. Ecosystem Function.
3. Ecosystem Services.
4. The Climate Change Regime in Which Communities Function.
5. Descriptive Plant Community Ecology.
6. The Nature of Plant Reproduction.
7. The Special Theory of Community Ecology...
8. Conclusion
Appendix A. Technical Appendix to Chapter 4.
The Analysis to Describe the Climate Change Regime.

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